Duffy's MVP App Reviews

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Doesn’t work

Online ordering doesn’t work. Doesn’t work on the internet or the app

Fixed problem

Fixed problem. Thank you. It's a great app and easy to track points

No more worrying about my MVP Card

With the Duffy’s app and mobile check-in, there’s no more worrying if I forgot my MVP Card. Simply check-in, give the code to your server, and the rest is history! Plus, mobile ordering?! Download now, you won’t regret it.

Hard to check in

Before the update it was easy. It used GPS and knew where you were. Now you have to scroll through the list and if while scrolling you accidentally touch a store you are instantly checked in to that store and can't change it. Since that's all I use the app for I don't like it and probably won't use it anymore.


Says I have 10 notifications but don't see any when I open the app?

Great, but can't clear notifications

LOVE the new app! Nice, clean layout. However, I can't clear my notifications.

Thanks CBS Sap

I was listening to CBS sap for the Football Miami Dolphins. So far so good... Thanks

Convenient but needs fixing

I like using the app because I never have my card on me, but It never keeps me logged in. So I have to go through the entire home screen scrolling every time and login all over again each time even though I have the "keep me logged in" button checked. Duffy's! Please fix this!

Pretty good

It's an ok app, but it needs to tell you your past 12 months spending. To see where you are, and how much you need to spend to stay on track or move up. Monthly totals would be helpful.

Update overdue for program changes

Revised Review: I originally gave a low rating due to long-overdue updates (old marketing details no longer honored), and other quirks within the app. Well, Duffy's completed the necessary changes, and did 'em right!! The app works exactly as described, and gives accurate info on menu and loyalty status. Nice job!!

Crashes immediately!

Doesn't open, just goes back to the icon.

Duffy's MVP

Does not work with iPhone 5s - Disappears!!!!

MVP Card

Great app. It would be nice to be able to add the MVP card to iPhone's passbook. just a suggestion 😉

Cool.... But.....

It's nice being able to review your MVP points but it would even better if you could place a to go order via the app.

Best App ever

Love the App!! Love Duffy's!


Awesome app! It's so easy now to check MVP points, find locations, and get a free appetizer!!!

Well Done

This app is great for finding the nearest Duffy's and checking MVP points. Great to have on you for those "just in case" moments!

Super Bowl

Showed me what it was so I got it

Cheers for a new app!

App running really smooth, picked up my location, and log-in option had no glitches :) awesome I can check my MVP points anywhere now! Thanks Duffy's!


I had no problems checking my MVP points and the menu is laid out very nicely. Got my free appetizer!

Awesome app!

More restaurants need to have an app like this. I love that I can always find the Duffy's that is closest to me!

Great app with everything I need

Solid app. I'm not experiencing any of the issues the previous reviewers mentioned and I can check my MVP points and get deals. Very cool and thanks Duffys!

This app rocks!

Glad to see Duffy's has an app now! I can check my points on my MVP card and I didn't event know they had a location in Coconut Creek until I checked the locations! I also got a a free Appetizer just for downloading!


New updates fixed login. Like the new get deals button that got me free food when I went in.

A Dud

I can't get anything to work! I'm using a iPhone 4gs.

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